Welcome to my blog.

It is a common saying that the one blessing that surpasses receiving a gift is giving one out. I believe this to be true for as much as it gives me joy to write Christian faith based articles by the inspiration of God’s Spirit, it gives me greater joy to have a platform to share these writings with other friends of Jesus.

Before Jesus left for heaven, he wondered aloud to His disciples whether or not He would still find faith on earth on His return. If we look around us, we would see why, the distractions from a life of faith are enormous and besides, millions of people are nursing pains and wounds for one reason or the other. Hearts full of sorrow or vanity can hardly hold faith, even if it is required to be as small as a mustard seed. For this reason I understand that the faith in my heart and yours is a precious gift that must be kept alive. Achieving that is made possible by the help of God’s Holy Spirit and through fellowship with one another.

I started this blog to encourage your faith in Christ through my writings even as God’s Spirit encourages mine, and this will be the sole purpose of this blog in its entire life time. As you read my articles, please feel free to share your thoughts with me through your comments, as free as I would love you to be in telling someone about this blog if you consider yourself blessed on this visit.

Thanks for logging in, and hope you log in again!

Hephzibah Gia


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