At first glance, who would you call salt of the earth? naturally, it would be the people who add flavor to our ordinary lives regularly.  Movie  and music stars, Comedians, Fashion designers, and their run-way models,  beauty contest organizers and their crowned queens.  Really, at first glance, the entertainment industry is the salt the earth.

But the Lord Jesus said to his disciples, “ye are the salt of the earth”, Math 5 vs. 13.

I believe in the entertainment industry, in fact I am a part of it. I write drama and I have been opportune to write screenplay for a few successful TV drama projects. I don’t just write drama, I enjoy watching it. I find it entertaining and I believe it has power to influence the society positively or negatively, as the case maybe.

And so does music. Undeniably, music is a wonderful form of expression. At the height of two powerful emotions that easily defines our existence; joy or sorrow, words may become inadequate. The soul seeks and finds expression in a song. And, (believe it or not), there are people who burst out singing praise or a worship song at the exact moment when they are feeling terribly angry at someone. I think this is seriously abnormal. I mean if I have to stop and think, “okay, what did I do now?”, because I suddenly hear my neighbor singing “what the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all”, then somebody is not getting something right. Yes, I realize and understand that there are people who find singing the best way to let out the steam of any kind of emotion they are suddenly overwhelmed by, be it love, happiness, gratitude, or hatred, anger, and sorrow. But I also strongly believe that you shouldn’t be singing, “How great thou art” when you’re inwardly cursing your neighbor. Except of course if that actually helps you let out all the anger, while enabling your heart to forgive.

Music holds a special place in my heart because it is primarily for me, an expression of worship. However, in the world we live in, music is a phenomenal source of entertainment. Musicians worth their salt are idolized anywhere in the world. These guys get people smiling, dancing, partying, falling in love, and or moving on when love turns sour. I don’t want to imagine a world without the entertainment industry, it has its place. And the less profane it is the better for us all! However, I’d rather have a world stripped off this enchanting industry, than one where the church has relinquished her place to it.

When the Lord Jesus said, “ye are the salt of the earth”, He was referring to believers, not celebrities. Do you know what that means? Think about it carefully. What is the significance of salt? Salt is a preservative and seasoning agent. The presence of a child of God anywhere ought to check decay; corruption, immorality and all kinds of illegality. It should add flavor; love, joy and peace. It should give life; preaching the word and praying the will of God be established. And at this junction, I move to make this distinction, salt is salt and sugar is sugar.

Salt provides flavor, sugar is a sweetening substance, and they do not serve the same purpose. Sometimes believers get it twisted, we think we are in competition with the entertainment industry, and so what happens? You go to a church service or a gospel music concert and you come out feeling “entertained”. It’s funny how a professional entertainer always gets it right, if you’re at his or her show, the purpose of the whole thing is unmistakable, you are there to be entertained and you get a good dose for your dough! You come out high, high on sugar!

Dear FOJ,

Our Lord Jesus said that as salt, if we lose our flavor, we become useless, irrelevant and spited. We are no sugar, we are salt. We have not been given the mandate to entertain, we are called to eject life to the world around us, a world that is susceptible to death and decay through sin, by the Spirit of Christ that lives in us and the power of God at work in our lives.

Yours sincerely,