Faith that Resists the Lies of Satan

Whatever God tells you, Satan will try to make you believe untrue.
If God says you’re delivered, Satan will tell you that you’re in bondage. If God says you’re loved, Satan will tell you that you’re forsaken. If God says you’re healed, Satan will tell you that you’re sick. If God says you will live, Satan will tell you that you will die. So how does Satan counter the word of God and get people to believe him? He does this through man’s senses. How we feel, what we can see, smell, touch. And because he is such a great counterfeit, he also gets people to believe his lies through dreams.

Apostle Paul says that it is good to prophesy, but he urges believers to test all spirits. People can prophesy by the spirit of God but they can also do so under the influence of familiar spirits. Any prophesy that contradicts the word of God is not from God and should therefore be rejected. In like manner, dreams should also be tested.

It is good to dream dreams; it is a special gift from God. Acts 2 vs. 17 says:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God
That I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.”

God gives instructions to people through dreams, He reveals secrets through dreams, but there are dreams that are nothing but satanic projections, the mind of the devil, lies that he wants us to believe so that fear will enslave our souls. The spirit of fear is the spirit of bondage which is contrary to the Spirit of God.
Apostle Paul said and I quote:

“But you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear,
But you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out,
“Abba, Father.” (Romans 8: 15)

And again he said:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power
And of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1 vs. 7)

Dear FOJ, if you have not been testing your dreams, you need to begin to do so. Any dream that wants you to believe what is contrary to the declarations of God’s word over your life and or the lives of your children is a lie, a satanic projection that must be rejected.

Whatever way Satan approaches us with his lies, we must resist him with our faith. Faith in what? Faith in what God has told us about every area of life. Don’t let Satan tell you poverty is your portion when the word of God makes it clear that God wants us to prosper. Don’t let Satan tell you sickness is your portion when God wants you to live in perfect health. Don’t let Satan tell you its okay to serve other gods when Jehovah wants you all to Himself. Adam and Eve did not resist the lies of Satan with their faith, but Nehemiah, the son of Hachaliah, did. He resisted the fierce and intimidating lies of Satan firing from the mouths of Sanballat and Tobiah, with his faith.

God told Nehemiah to rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem, promising to help him achieve the task. But Satan raised Sanballat and Tobiah to attack him. Sanballat cried out:

“What are these feeble Jews doing? Will they fortify themselves, will they offer sacrifices,
Will they complete it in one day? Will they revive the stones from the heap of rubbish-stones
That are burned?”

Tobiah mocked:

“Whatever they build, if even a fox goes up on it, he will break down their stone walls”.

But you know what? Nehemiah did not believe nor fear them; he believed God and he built the ruined walls.
Dear FOJ, stand firm in faith even if detractors are mocking you, declare the word of God always, your faith will conquer because God is not a liar.

Yours truly,



Unflinching Faith

Movie title: The ghost and the darkness.

Written by: William Goldman

Produced by: Gale Anne Hurd

Directed by: Stephen Hopkins

Lead actor: Val Kilmer.



Not just any man would be looking forward to meeting a lion and boasting to kill it. A fool would, because he knows he has license to not keep his word. A drunk would because he knows no one will take him serious. But a man in his right senses? Umm, he must have some balls.

John, a young American engineer was hired to build a bridge somewhere in Africa called Isabo. Isabo, a name one of the natives interpreted to mean, “Place of slaughter”, turned out to be a dangerous adventure for the confident and experienced engineer who had built bridges successfully in other continents of the world such as India.

John, played by Val kilmer, arrived Africa full of excitement. He said, “I’ve been longing for this all my life.” Unfortunately, he was alone in his state of ecstasy as the natives didn’t share his enthusiasm. One of them said, “Nothing works here. Isabo is the worst place in the world.” John should be discouraged but if he was crazy enough to sign a contract to build the bridge with a man who told him gleefully, “I’m a monster, my only pleasure is tormenting people who work for me, people like yourself”; and if he was courageous enough to leave the side of his pregnant wife and travel thousands of miles away to a strange land, then nothing was going to discourage him. However, on the night of his arrival, John got to see why a stranger couldn’t run into Isabo like it was the open arms of a long, lost friend.

That night, John met with a lion and killed it with one shot from his gun. Everyone celebrated him; perhaps he was man enough to conquer Isabo after all. But seven weeks later, two lions, operating in a mysterious manner stormed the construction camp; it seemed they were on a revenge crusade. How dare a mere man kill a lion? The lions caused so much mayhem that people said they weren’t lions, they called them the ghost and the darkness. Even the intimidating looking Masai warriors brought in to save the day bowed to fear. Building the bridge became impossible as construction workers fled for their dear lives. John should abort his mission if he valued his life and if his wife and unborn child meant anything to him but he was determined to remind the lions that after God created every living thing, he put man in charge. John vowed, “I will kill the lions and I will build the bridge.”

It didn’t look like John would kill the lions when he stood face to face with one of them and his gun wouldn’t fire, the lion would have had him if there weren’t other men with guns nearby to scare it off.  The lion would have had him, a second time, when a huge bird came out of the blues and knocked him to the ground from where he had perched all night waiting for the lion to appear. Again, another gun man had to save his life, killing the lion in the process. The final battle with the surviving lion was fierce and John almost lost, but he didn’t. He killed the lion, reunited with his wife and welcomed his son into the world.

Dear FOJ, men who achieve the impossible show faith, courage, and confidence, in the face of difficulty.  They are men who never pause to think or ask, what if? But if we look closely, we will see that they had help. Help, from a supernatural being who could not ignore the power, the pressure, and the intensity of their faith.

If we have faith, we will move mountains. (Mathew 21:21)

Yours truly,


Learn From a Book


Book title: Fall on your knees.

Author: Marie Macdonald.

Favorite quote in the book:  “Hope is a gift. You can’t choose to have it. To believe and yet to have no hope is to thirst beside a fountain.”


Triumphing over darkness.

There was a young man whose name was James. One day, a fortune teller read his palm and saw something dreadful in his future.  But James himself was optimistic about the future; he dreamt of working hard, making a lot of money, and starting a family. He dreamt of living in a big house with his wife and children. A happy and prosperous life was the vision that James had.

James shared his dream with the fortune teller and she lost the courage to tell him that what she saw in his future was darkly different from his bright dreams. She lied to him. She told him their visions were the same. But it didn’t take long before the darkness the fortune teller saw began to play out in James’ life. First he was seduced and charmed into marriage by an immature girl, thirteen year old Materia. Love and passion didn’t endure in face of the reality of marital life within the contest of the peculiarity of his marriage and James soon gave up on the whole thing. James was unhappy and so was Materia, his child- wife.

Soon, the marriage produced a child, an enchanting little girl who became James’ obsession. James was happy again but the darkness chose that moment to creep back in and spoil it for him. Little Kathleen was so beautiful but was that why James, her own father, was suddenly getting sexually aroused by her? James was terrified, and in his attempt to escape the darkness, he joined the army and fled to the war front; a place where many go and never return. But why would James have to worry about death? He knew that it was better to die than to live in shame.

Many men died in that war, but death spared James, obviously, it had connived with shame, and they weren’t going to let James die a hero. It was as if the darkness was laughing at James, saying to him, “I’m going to get you whether you like it or not, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Eventually James stopped trying to fight the darkness because nothing he did seemed to work. In the end, he not only impregnated his first daughter, but he also sexually abused his last daughter. For James, Materia and their three daughters, life was one long, sorrowful song.

Dear FOJ, James neither chose nor wanted the kind of life he had. He believed in himself and wanted a life of honor and dignity but the darkness wouldn’t allow it. What will it take to triumph over the darkness?  Whatever it is James didn’t have it.

What will it take to triumph over the darkness that so mercilessly destroyed James’ life? I’m sure James would have loved to know.

What will it take to triumph over the darkness that so wants to destroy every life out there that God created and care so much about? It is the Light.

And what is this Light that triumphs over the darkness? It is Jesus Christ.

Yours truly,


When Attitude Makes the Difference: DOUBT

Jesus had just healed a man who couldn’t lift himself up the whole thirty eight years of his existence on earth and all the Jews could think about was why He had to do it on a Sabbath day.

Unbelief is as bewildering as faith.

For the Samaritans, words were enough but for the Jews, even signs and wonders wouldn’t do. The more miracles Jesus performed, the more they hated Him. All they longed for was to get rid of Him, to forget He ever sprung out of obscurity and dare to try to change their set ways of life.

Unbelief is as staggering as faith.

But what is the basis for this unbelief expressed by the Jews? There must be many angles to it but pride is definitely a huge factor. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “you worship what you do not know; we (the Jews) know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews”. The Jews could not comprehend why or how a child born to Mary and Joseph the carpenter would become an adult and suddenly try to tell them about God. They didn’t need anyone to teach them about God, they knew God! As a matter of fact, they were the only race on earth who knew God. They were custodians of God’s word, His commandments, they were God’s heritage. So Jesus performs miracles, so what? They were not gentiles; they were Jews, the sons of Abraham. They were not Samaritans who worship what they do not know; they were Jews, who know exactly what they worship. They cannot be bamboozled or intimidated with signs and wonders.

Unbelief is inexcusable.

Did the Jewish leaders know, deep down in their hearts, that the ministry of Jesus was a move of God? Yes they did, Nicodemus’s visit to Jesus in the dead of the night as well as his words proves that. So why were they so antagonistic? Fear, scorn and unbelief are three negative universal responses to the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Fear is an attitude and so is scorn and unbelief and these attitudes are put up by people who are confronted with the power of Light but choose to remain in the darkness rather than embrace the Light.

Governor Felix heard the gospel from Apostle Paul and expressed FEAR-(ACTS 24VS 24&25)

Governor Festus heard the gospel from Apostle Paul and expressed SCORN. (Acts 26VS 24)

King Agrippa heard the gospel from Apostle Paul and expressed UNBELIEF. (Acts 26 VS 28)

Dear FOJ, you can’t be in the Lord without at least a measure of faith, but watch it, under pressure, a living faith could slip out of light into the darkness of fear, scorn and unbelief.

“Let he who stands take heed, lest he falls.”